The Adoption Courtroom

The adoption courtroom.

If you’ve been there, you know this is a room flooded with emotions. The adoption courtroom filled my soul with all of those incredible emotions.

I cried tears of joy… I cried tears of grief.

The same tears I cried during each…

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Grounding Anxiety

For some, the holiday season can be overwhelming.  It can bring feelings of depression to someone who is working through a tough time in life.  It can also brings feelings of anxiety with all there is to be done and the many extra events and outings this the holiday season brings. 

It’s during these times that I am often reminded to slow down through the busyness and keep checking om our kiddos.  We have one little who gets especially overwhelmed on busy days and over-stimulation. 

If your child deals with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, try these two sensory-engaging methods to help ground them and bring them back to a state of calm.  

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Foster Challenge 2018: Part 2

What is foster care? It’s much of what you might think, and maybe a little of what you wouldn’t… Check out a snapshot of our Fostering experience: The First & Last Night, Preventing Burnout, A Day In My Life, Change, Training, Encouragement, Caseworkers, Adoption, Reunification…

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Foster Challenge 2018: Part 1

Check out a snapshot of our Fostering experience.
Introduction, Statistics In Our Area, Our Story to Foster Care, Attachment, Reform In Foster Care, Foster Care “F” Words, Birth Families/First Families, Foster Care Tribe, Asking For Help, A Funny Story, and more!

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