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Journeys and Dreams was first started as an Etsy shop full of pretty, practical printable designs to document life’s great’s moments.

The journeys of life can take us through so many adventures – some surprising, some we’ve waited a long time for, and some we’ve only dreamed of.  Memories of these adventures can be a precious piece of life’s twists and turns, leaving us excitedly anticipating what might come next.

We hope that Journeys and Dreams designs might inspire you through whatever journey of life you may be going through and help you to document memories each step of the way.

Here are a few of our shop’s top sellers.  See something you’re interested in, or want to see more of our products?  Simply click on one of the following images!

Etsy Top Products Foster Care Adoption

Foster Care Binder - JD Bundle 3     Foster Adoption Milestone Sign JD Original Party Series Plain - Listing Picture 1 - 3.5x5     Foster Care Binder - Sunshine Bundle 4  Foster Care Binder - JD Floral Watercolor Bundle 7     Foster Care Binder - JD Blue Bundle 5     Foster Care Binder - JD Pink Bundle 1  Foster Care Binder - Rose Gold Bundle 1     JD Black and White We're Fostering Signs     JD Theme We're Adopting Signs

Etsy Top Products Baby and Kid Milestones

JD Theme Having a Baby Signs     NICU Preemie JD BW Series 3.5x5 1     NICU Preemie JD Original Party  Series 3.5x5 1.png

Etsy Top Products Family Memories

Boho Feathers School Interviews 3     Watercolor Garden Floral Birthday Interviews 2     Watercolor Garden Floral School Interviews 3

Boho Feathers Birthday Interviews 2     Foster Care Binder - Simple Chalkboard School Signs 2017-2018     Foster Care Binder - JD Banner School Signs 2017-2018 small

Etsy Top Products Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy Milestone Sign JD Original Party Series Plain - Listing Picture 1 - 3.5x5 B     JD Theme I Am Pregnant Signs     Pregnancy Milestone Sign Chalkboard Watercolor Garden Floral Series Plain - Listing Picture 1 - 3.5x5

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