Kids With Big Emotions + Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily

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When you have a child with big emotions – be it toddler life, teen life, or trauma life – don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy!  Therapeutic grade essential oils can be a powerful addition to your child’s therapy sessions, daily routines and coping method practices.


I wanted to show you all what I use with my kids on a DAILY basis!  Before this overwhelms you, let me start by saying my “kids” stash started with two oils.  That’s it – Lavender and Stress Away.  It took some time for me to feel confident using them with the kids, and that’s only because I was trying to over-complicate it!  This collection grew over time, and I love the options I have to alternate between!

Essential Oils - Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily

This is the stash of oils that I take everywhere we go!  I made 5ml roller balls and put them in an old case I had laying around and I always have whatever I need on hand! I made roller balls for two reasons:

1. It’s easy!  My hands don’t get oily, I don’t have to count drops, I don’t have to carry a carrier oil with me, nothing.  It’s so quick and easy to swipe across my active three-year-old who doesn’t want to stand still for too long, and I don’t have to worry about the baby (who is quite a ninja!) snatching a bottle out of my hand and spilling any!

2. As I mentioned – I can pre-dilute them! Essential oils are SO concentrated, kids and babies don’t need as much.  It’s much more gentle on their bodies to use a carrier oil to dilute before using oils with littles.  Plus, this helps our oils to last WAY longer!

Young Living has a great guide for diluting oils with kids and babies:

I got these cute colored roller balls that I tried to color coordinate with the YL oil bottle label color as a quick reference for me.  They come with cute round labels for the cap and rectangle labels to put on the bottle.  Plus, it comes with a nifty little tool for getting the roller ball top on and off!

I keep these oils on hand for grounding and balancing emotions with our very hyper and emotional three-year-old: Oola Balance, Aroma Life, Valor, Trauma Life, Inner Child, Release, Peace & Calming, Stress Away and Joy.  This little man has BIG emotions and PASSIONATE opinions.  When he needs a breather, needs help coming to terms with disappointment, is feeling overly excited or overly terrified, when his mind becomes overwhelmed, or when there is too much stimulation, we turn to these oils.  Since he was itty-bitty, self-regulation and self-soothing has been a struggle for him.  I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have natural, therapeutic grade products to help support his needs right at our fingertips!

Essential Oils - Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily 3

Using these specific oils provides us with a way to help keep his mind from going haywire, and an opportunity to practice coping skills and deal with the triggers and emotions, rather than being forced to deal with a behavior from these big emotions.  This is KEY to success with him.

Bonus to carrying these around: Mama needs some Stress Away (which is like an island vacation in a bottle!) and Peace & Calming herself at times!  When I made our Stress Away roller ball, I also added some extra Copaiba (which is already found in Stress Away. This is great for our older son’s mind, but also great for rolling on the jawline of our baby.  This child CHEWS BAD when those teeth are popping through.  I love wearing Joy as a perfume, so it’s nice to have this one in our to-go bag already.  Valor works well as a cologne, too, for men.  In the Arizona heat, you never know when a little freshening will be needed.  There’s a scented option for both parents!  It’s also great to rub on anything that feels achy – hello, growing pains, and mama’s sore back from lifting an almost 50lb child in and out of the car!

We always have immune support with us with Thieves!  Shopping carts, school and play dates, sneezing and coughing strangers, playground equipment, teething babies sharing toys, public bathrooms… I could keep going, but I’ll leave it at that.  A roll of Thieves a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Weren’t planning on being outside?  I carry Purification to keep pesky little annoyances off of us! And if one does manage to land and get a little nibble – Lavender to the rescue! Really, what isn’t lavender good for?  Calming, Sleep Support, Relaxation, Healthy Looking Skin, Relief from Seasonal Changes, Raised & Discolored Skin from clumsiness… and forget the bandaid – lavender can help with other Skin Issues you might encounter that just plain hurt!  It’s called the Swiss Army Knife for a reason.

Essential Oils - Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily 4

Speaking of a Swiss Army Knife, Gentle Baby is just that for all things mama and kids! Upset Tummy, Redness under a Diaper, Diminishing Mama’s Marks of honor from carrying a baby, Calming, Sleep Support, and the list goes on!  This is the one our baby likes in particular for nighttime. With our older son, we use SleepyIze!

We just went on a trip out of town and our kids weren’t used to sleeping in a different bed and new room. I can’t tell you how much having these oils handy helped!

Let’s see… did I miss anything? TummyGize…. because, well, little kids eat weird things. All the time.  Like, week old french fries they found in their car seat…. and watermelon dipped in ranch.  Never leave the house without TummyGize!  Don’t have TummyGize? DiGize works just the same!  I dilute just a little bit more for the kids, though.

And since we got side-tracked with Lavender earlier, I wanted to mention a little bonus with Purification: if yo’ kids got stinky feet from those sandals they wear all summer long – roll some Purification on the bottom of their feet, and heck even inside their shoes, and the stench is no more!  Trust me.  You’ll thank me for this one.

Essential Oils - Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily 2

** DISCLAIMER** I have to say that I am not a medical professional!  The information and products shared in this class are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease, nor is it meant to replace professional medical attention or advice.  All information applies to Young Living brand of oils specifically.  Use and application of this information is done solely at your own risk.

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