Post-Adoption Depression: What Now?

We’ve talked a lot about the cruddy stuff, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel, friends.  Here are some ways you can ease symptoms of Post-Adoption Depression, many of them you can start as soon as today!

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Post-Adoption Depression: Symptoms

It took years to convince myself that Post-Adoption Depression was an actual thing.  The symptoms were there, but I didn’t really know how to pinpoint what was going on with me.
As many as 30-60% of adoptive parents have experienced Post-Adoption Depression.
Yet, it’s still a very taboo topic.

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The Adoption Courtroom

The adoption courtroom.

If you’ve been there, you know this is a room flooded with emotions. The adoption courtroom filled my soul with all of those incredible emotions.

I cried tears of joy… I cried tears of grief.

The same tears I cried during each…

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Natural Oral Care

We all want healthy teeth, right? We desire pearly whites that are strong enough to withstand all the yummm that we indulge in, right? Well, I have some tips and tricks that will take your oral health care to the next level and have your dental hygienist begging for your secrets.

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Grounding Anxiety

For some, the holiday season can be overwhelming.  It can bring feelings of depression to someone who is working through a tough time in life.  It can also brings feelings of anxiety with all there is to be done and the many extra events and outings this the holiday season brings. 

It’s during these times that I am often reminded to slow down through the busyness and keep checking om our kiddos.  We have one little who gets especially overwhelmed on busy days and over-stimulation. 

If your child deals with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, try these two sensory-engaging methods to help ground them and bring them back to a state of calm.  

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Infertility: Hysteroscopy

What’s the difference between a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy,
and what do they have to do with infertility?
If you’re like us and have gone through extensive testing only to find little to no problems and still aren’t getting pregnant, your doctor might be able to find the reason why with these procedures.

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IVF: Part 1 – The First Weeks

Our first IVF treatment was quite the adventure, as it is for most. There are lots of emotions, and so many new things you learn about your body and reproduction, you know, the things you’re not taught in your fifth grade sex-ed class. Like most things in life, the IVF experience is unique to each person, each couple, and the details of your fertility journey.
So, what are the first couple weeks of an IVF cycle like?
What can you expect?

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Infertility: IUI

An IUI procedure often falls somewhere in the middle, costing couples only a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, still offering a more affordable option to becoming pregnant.

So, who can benefit from an IUI procedure, and is it worth it?

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IVF: Finding the Right Specialist

Remember, this is a trying and sensitive time in your parenting journey.  Emotions are high, and hormones might be all out of whack.  Between the stress and medications, your body will physically be in a foreign state which can take its tole.

You want someone who is wholeheartedly in this with you…

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Sending A Little Off To Preschool

We did it!  We signed up our little boy for preschool last week.

In just a couple days, we will wake up, get ready, and take our first baby to first-ever first day of school.  

He will be dropped off, and have a great time, and I will try not to cry as we’ve reached this big milestone with our first “baby.” Parenting is quite a journey, and as our kids grow, our plans change from time to time…

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IVF: Getting Started, Testing, and Diagnosis

Building a family can look so different, for so many people.  For some it comes easy, for others it doesn’t.  And even for others, there are surprises along the way!

What do you do when you suspect you might dealing with infertility after some time trying to conceive?  How long should you try to conceive before seeking medical advice?  And when you decide to explore your options, where do you even begin?

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A Free Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Have you heard about essential oils and want to get started, but not sure how to do it for the best price? 

I mean, you can buy essential oils almost anywhere now, so why Young Living?

If you’re thinking of purchasing essential oils from amazon or the grocery store, let me stop you right there!  

You can get your oils for free, plus money to spend!

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Infertility: Preparing for Conception

There are so many beneficial things you can do to help improve your chances of conception, and quickly.  Ideally, you would want to start detoxing your body and consuming the proper nutrients a year prior to conception.  If you are just starting to think about growing your family in the next year, start doing these things now!  However, you may be on the opposite end of the spectrum and perhaps have been TTC for years and may have already started fertility treatments.  Wherever you may be in your journey, adding these things to your daily routines and regimens can help support a healthy pregnancy, and may help to heal your body naturally of any fertility struggles you have endured.

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IVF: Costs + Medications

If you’re ready to move forward but want to know about getting started… here is some other information that you may find helpful, like how much it costs, how to cover those costs, and which medications are used during an IVF cycle.

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IVF: The Basics

Venturing into the IVF world can be daunting, especially when infertility treatments were not in your original conception plans.  There are so many different treatment variables, medications, appointments, and verbiage you may be completely unfamiliar with.  High school biology doesn’t compare to the amount of knowledge you will learn about reproduction and learning your own body through the process of infertility and pursuing fertility treatments.

So, where do you begin? Who is IVF for?  Is this something you could benefit from?

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Foster Challenge 2018: Part 2

What is foster care? It’s much of what you might think, and maybe a little of what you wouldn’t… Check out a snapshot of our Fostering experience: The First & Last Night, Preventing Burnout, A Day In My Life, Change, Training, Encouragement, Caseworkers, Adoption, Reunification…

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Foster Challenge 2018: Part 1

Check out a snapshot of our Fostering experience.
Introduction, Statistics In Our Area, Our Story to Foster Care, Attachment, Reform In Foster Care, Foster Care “F” Words, Birth Families/First Families, Foster Care Tribe, Asking For Help, A Funny Story, and more!

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Helping Children with BIG Emotions

When you have a child with big emotions – be it toddler life, teen life, or trauma life – don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy!  Therapeutic grade essential oils can be a powerful addition to your child’s therapy sessions, daily routines and coping method practices. We have read books and attended training classes about the behaviors we may see with drug-exposed infants as they get older.  Boy have we seen a fair share…

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Kids With Big Emotions + Essential Oils We Use With Our Kids Daily

When you have a child with big emotions – be it toddler life, teen life, or trauma life – don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy!  Therapeutic grade essential oils can be a powerful addition to your child’s therapy sessions, daily routines and coping method practices.

I wanted to show you all what I use with my kids on a DAILY basis!

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Our First Night Home With Our First Foster Placement

I remember receiving what must have been a dozen phone calls over the course of a week… just waiting for a placement.
We waited… and waited… and waited.  I thought, “Surely, there is a child out there for us.  During training classes, we heard nonstop about the great need for willing families.” 

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Asking For Help As A Foster Parent

Oh man. Where do I begin? I’ll be honest when I say this prompt* caught me on a bad day. A really. bad. day. And even when I’m about done, and about to my breaking point.  I still find it hard to ask for help. I can’t speak for all foster parents, but I know […]

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All About Our Foster Care Organization Binder Sets

With all the paperwork we’re handed left and right as foster parents, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right place for it all!  It can be a hassle not to mix up papers between kids, and even worse to lose important documents!  With our very first placement, we…

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Our Story to Foster Care

To be honest, our foster care journey caught us completely by surprise.  Foster care and adoption was something that was always in our hearts, but not at the forefront of our minds.  The idea of ever fostering or adopting never came up in conversation as we got to know each other during our season of dating… or after marriage… or even when we spoke of starting of family.  It was only after…

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