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Journeys and Dreams started as a creative outlet for me but has turned into so much more for my family. The name alone represents much of what this blog is all about – the adventures God is leading us on in this life.

Yes, this us. We were just babies. Aren’t we cute? #engagementphotos

My husband and I were complete strangers when we met, but quickly fell in love and were married in just eight months.  (Go, eHarmony!) We knew we didn’t want to wait too long before having kids. After a year of trying and still no baby, we knew something must be wrong. Many doctor visits, years of tests, working with a reproductive endocrinologist (who we didn’t see eye to eye with), still no answers and an empty nursery, and lost hope led us to search for other options to having the family we knew we were ready for.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… infertility?

We’ve been through some frustrating, wearisome, interesting, and exciting experiences on our journey to become parents. We held on through the feelings of eagerness, moments of heartbreak, prayers, hope, hesitation, uncomfortable doctor procedures, prayers, too many two week waits to count, failed fertility treatments, prayers, awkward home studies, a failed private adoption, prayers, uncertain court hearings, (and did I mention prayers), all of which has led us to the greatest adventure we’ve had to date: the adoption of our little boy! We began fostering him when he was just a few days old and we were incredibly blessed to make him a permanent part of our family.  Shortly after his adoption was finalized, we decided we were ready for another.  That is when we met our second, whom we will be adopting in the coming months!  He has been a great addition to our family and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

This blog will be filled with stories about our family experiences through the ups and downs of marriage, parenting, infertility, foster care and adoption, health and wellness, our working lives, and everything in between.

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You will also see fun little surprises on our page, including free printables, tips and tricks, life hacks, how-to posts, information about our products from the Journeys and Dreams Etsy Shop, and how we’re incorporating essential oils into our daily lives to support our health and help our little ones work through big emotions!

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We hope that our life journeys and dreams might comfort and inspire you through whatever journey of life you may be going through.

Kami & Adam



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