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Hi there, we are Adam and Kami!
Though, you will mostly just hear from me, Kami.
He works in law enforcement, I worked in children’s ministry for over a decade until we finalized our first adoption when we decided staying home was best for our family. Now, I homeschool and hobby, and provide resources for parents just like us!

We’ve journeyed through infertility, foster care and adoption, and God has blessed us more than we could have imagined. We currently have three boys, ages 6 and under, and a labradoodle puppy. You better believe our house is quite lively, never a dull moment around here. (If you read the word “quiet”, read that again! haha)

Our journeys have included many joys and inevitable struggles along the way. Our house is filled with love and also many mental, emotional, and developmental diagnoses and special needs. We don’t always get it right, and we certainly don’t have the answers, but we’re enjoying the ride and are here to share snippets of those journeys with you.

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